Gardening is the cultivation of plants, flowers, trees and many more. If you plant, trees, and flowers in your garden it looks so beautiful that you will fall in love with them. We should plant trees as many as we can because if we plant trees then only we can live in green nature and survive our lives. In many towns and cities, we can see that there are no trees and for that reason, the humidity arises and the city gets very hot. The problem is that humans don't plant trees as we expect from nature. But it is our fault, not nature. What we have done to nature, we are getting back from nature. 

Many people have the hobby of gardening, and many people also do gardening when they get upset or bored. Doing gardening makes the mind relaxed and peaceful. Those small plants and colourful flowers are so beautiful that you can't ignore them. While doing gardening many of the steps we should follow for healthy plants.

1. We should always give water to them

2. We should keep them in sun as well to get their nutrition

3. We should give them fertilisers

4 We should not pick the flowers 

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