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 Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon 

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Nicola Yoon debut novel Everything everything is one of the New York bestseller of all times. The book was published in 2015.The character Madeline Whittier is one of the coolest life that one could read. She is a teenager who is unable to go outdoors due to her illness. It is a bubble boy syndrome. The daring and risking life that one lead amidst the challenges and risks one faces is beautiful woven in the book. The book is mostly preferred for youth and adults alike. The book is also adapted to film. The innermost feelings of each character is revealed in the book. The formation of different bonds that she formed in her life. The beautiful life of a daughter and her loving mother. Her life was changed by the arrival of Olly. New bonds and her life shifts to a new turn.

Sacrifice, resistance, love and daring acts are spilled through out. New adventures and journeys embark in herself. The quote which one like from the work “Life is a gift” and “They said it wasn’t worth my life, but I said that it was my life, and it was up to me to decide what it was worth.” The new finding about herself. Will her life turn upside down?. Will she able to survive amidst all these? Madeline always wished for a magical cure. Will a magic wand change her? “ The house trembles and my books  vibrate on the shelves…Doors open and close…It’s happening again.” The rating of the book is 4.6 . To know more. Take the book..

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