Different aspects of Journalism

 Different aspects of Journalism

Journalism means covering, producing, and distributing news and information about various events, facts, ideas, and people. This is a form of communication where you interact with the audience. 

Journalism is not limited to one thing, each event, and happening, has different aspects of journalism like investigation, online, watchdog, politics, sports, entertainment, education, crime, etc. These are different aspects of Journalism:

Investigation Journalism

Investigation journalism deal with work toward uncovering hidden truth or facts about a person, matter, event, etc. It works to find the facts by studying cases that required a lot of effort. The scandals can be exposed by making headlines. A single case can take a few months or years due to complex procedures, so one should have a lot of knowledge and patience to work as an investigative journalist.

Watchdog journalism

Watchdog journalism guards society against illegal activity or inefficiency from societal powers, such as corporations and politicians. It is similar to investigative journalism. Watchdog journalists monitor the activities of large companies and influential figures and report activities that may have negative impacts on society. This type of journalism helps ensure societal powers remain accountable for their actions.

Online journalism

Online journalism reports facts through internet media, such as digital newspapers, blogs, or social media. All kinds of information are freely available on the internet, but sources are not always credible. Online journalists create and deliver content that is related to traditional journalism practices reporting the facts of a situation or event. Online journalism allows reporters to quickly deliver information to audiences through online media without delays for print layout, processing, and delivery or broadcast time slots.

Sports journalism

Sports journalism focuses on athletic news. Sports journalists report scores, standings, and rankings for different teams or athletes in different sporting events. It can be both print and broadcast media. Sports commentating is a form of sports journalism in broadcast and online journalism.

Entertainment journalism

Entertainment journalism relates to the current events of popular figures and trends. Entertainment journalists provide news about the entertainment business, including celebrities, movies, television, books, and events. Entertainment journalists may cover movie premiers and awards ceremonies as well as news about the entertainment industry. 

Political journalism

Political journalism focuses on government, politics, and political candidates. It covers different segments of political activity, such as local, national, or international news. Political journalists often report on the activities of elected officials, political processes, and the results of political work. It includes reporting political news and conducting investigative and watchdog reporting to ensure that the public has access to information about political activity.

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