Covid - 19 Pandemic

Covid - 19

Covid - 19 or coronavirus is a disease which is spread through the air when we talk or sneeze. The first coronavirus case have been identified in Wuhan, China in December 2019. After that, it spread all over China and after that, it spread all over the world. It has been declared a pandemic. From March 2020. The lockdown has been imposed by the government in India and many countries in the world. All the schools, colleges, offices, markets, shopping malls and everything has closed except hospitals. Millions of people have died from this disease and many of them lost their jobs which led to unemployment again. Many small children have lost their parents and family and many problems have bee arrived at that time because no one can help each other at that time. Teenagers and youngsters were in depression due to their loss of studies, some have lost their and many more.

The main symptoms of covid - 19 are -

1. Cough
2. Fever
3. Loss of smell and taste
4. Headache
5. Body pain

Whenever someone has tested positive for covid-19 they suffer a lot because they can't eat properly due to loss of smell and taste. Their body and fever are high. They have to regular medicines and should check their oxygen level in an oximeter. Those who have suffered from covid - 19 they can feel what happen to their body at that particular time.

Precaution for covid -19 

1. We should regularly wash our hands before eating or giving something to others.

2. We should use sanitiser

3. Wearing a mask when you go out

4. Maintain proper hygiene

5. Clean our house and surroundings

6. Avoid going out unnecessarily

Vaccines have been invented and arrived in the whole world and 99% of people have taken their vaccination but taking vaccines is not the solution to get away from that disease. Now also we have to take precautions for covid - 19 then only we can stay safe. 

This pandemic has changed a lot in everyone's life. We can thank God for helping out and we can pray to God that never such a pandemic comes into our life.

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