complete guide to youtube marketing

 complete guide to youtube marketing

Everyone watches youtube .around 75% people of in America age 15 and over are on youtube. it seems like 2 billion people are monthly active users which makes youtube the most popular and used website in the world after Google.

the network of a wide audience is a reason for marketing your business on youtube but yes just running in a crowd without having a plan does not make any sense as it won't give you any outcome. you need a proper strategy or plan for execution so today we will discuss 7 steps for winning in youtube marketing.

what is youtube marketing? it simply means promoting your brand, service, or product on youtube which may comprise these 3 tactics:

  • create organic promotional videos
  • work with influencers
  • advertising on the platform

7 steps youtube marketing strategy:

1: create a youtube channel for business:

the first thing you need to do is to open a youtube channel, particularly for your brand for that you need to create a google account as youtube is a part of google and then log in with your brand account ID & password so you can open it as well as by your personal account but it is not a good idea as brand account allows other company people also to use it which a normal account doesn't.

2: Learn about your audience:

after setting up a youtube channel you need to do research about your target audience like what they actually watch on youtube or what kind of stuff they like on youtube so it can help you to make your own strategy to decide what you need to run or give them stuff which they will like.

3: competitor research:

after knowing your users, you need to find out what your competitor is doing yes because it will help you in finding what tactics they are using which will give you more insights into your target audience so the things you need to focus upon are subscriber, average views per video, people comments, the topic of content and many more.

4: learn from your favorite channel:

As it is not necessary that the channel which is related to your business on youtube can only help or give you insights about youtube or the audience there are many channels that are growing and getting good responses from the users so they can also give you some info like how to set good quality or video which you may use in your businesses.

5: optimize your channel :

Youtube algorithm is quite similar to google as it is part of google so you need to make your channel as per the google algorithm otherwise it doesn't worth out for which you need to focus on some basic things which are doing keyword research like on google we do, give the proper title and attach a link of your video, add tags and proper deception of video.

6: upload or schedule video:

After making your video you can directly publish it or schedule it. you need to decide how often you will post your video whether it is weekly , monthly or daily and what will the time on which you will post your video everytime because it really matter in generating the traffic.

7:use of influencer marketing:

influencers are growing very rapidly whether its on social media or on youtube. influencer are basically someone who is a celebrity which have good following they can convey your message easily to your users for that you just need to find out the influscer who completely matches with your business goal.

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