Business software and it's types.

 Business software and it's types.

What is business software?

Business software is any software or set of computer programs used by business users to perform various business functions.
Some common types of software used in business are - 
1. Word processing program
2. Accounting software
3. Billing software
4. Payroll software
5. Database software
6. Asset management software
7. Desktop publishing programs

With the help of business software, a person done many useful things which gives benefit to their business. 
Many decisions is taken on the basis of management information system. As business software is very useful for the businessman .
They make their work easy and provide relief to the businessman.

Types of business software

1. Customer Relationship Management -

Customer Relationship Management is used by companies to solicit, review, store, and analyze customer data . It also helps to manage customer interaction, facilitates the sales process , and enable relevant partner relationships.

2. Project Management Software - 

One of the most popular forms of software used by businesses is project management software.
With this software you can define the scope of a project and the milestone associated with it. This then makes it easy for you to get a snapshot view of a projects progress , and how long it will take until the project is completed.

3. Accounting software - 

Accounting software helps businesses manage the financial side of their business.
Accounting software is especially helpful because it allows businesses to do a better job of keeping records. That's because this software automatically tracks the transactions that take place in a company.

4. Enterprise resource planning - 

Enterprise application software, is computer software used to satisfy the needs of an organisation rather than individual users. Such organisation include businesses, schools, interest - based user groups, clubs , charities, and government.

5. Freshbooks - 

Freshbooks accounting software is comprehensive and is designed primarily for small businesses in the service industry.

6. Quick Books - 

QuickBooks is a comprehensive accounting software suite with all the modules you need to carry out the accounting functions of your small business.

7. Communication software - 

Businesses need communication software to help their employees collaborate with others . This type of business software helps businesses expand their Market reach and get in touch with other businesses in their industry.

8. Human Resource Information System -

Human resources is one of the most essential units of the team . They handle significant roles such as employee management, recruitment, maintaining employee records, training , and payroll system.

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