British and American English

Language is a very powerful tool and everyone use our abilities in infinite different varieties. We are all judged by the way we speak and write things. The English language has acquired the status of global language. English language had continued to evolve constantly , its flexible and accepted words from other foreign languages also. Today there are different forms of English mainly American, Australian, British, Canadian, Indian, Pidgin.

After the British established their colonies in America. The English language was used by many indigenous people. They were influenced by the colonizers. Americans also began to use and take words from Indians. They wanted to know native language so that they can identify animals, objects, physical features and trees that were specific in different places. New words were formed such as wigwam, tomahawk, raccoon.

When people started to travel from different parts of the world to America. They traveled to begin a new life and ideas which they brought with them influenced American English. The grammar and the sentence pattern formed remain intact. Pronunciation varied and there were difference in the lexis. The spellings of words differ in British and American English. For example, the difference in the spelling of the word manoeuvre(Br) and maneuver (Am). The word manoeuvre means movements of troops in a war, skillful plan, artifice etc.In India we tend to use both the varieties as we have influence from both countries.

The main difference is that in British English the spelling of different words are borrowed or absorbed from other languages such as from German and French. In American English spellings are mainly based on the way the words are sounded when they are spoken.

Other words are Cheque in British English and check used in American English . Some words change will be made in their endings such as license (British English) becomes licence (American English). The word civilization (American English) change to civilisation (British English). There are some variations in preposition also. For example, Monday to Friday (British English) in American English it is Monday through Friday. Apartment (American English), in British English it is flat. Automobile in American English, in British English it is car. Candy (American English), in British English it is sweets. Railroad (American English) in British English it is railway.

American English          British English

Elevator                            Lift 

Fall                                    Autumn

Kid                                    Child

Shot                                   Injection

Sidewalk                          Pavement

Store                                 Shop

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