Behavioral, cognitive ways for teaching


Behavioral theory

The behavioral theory of learning can be considered as the type of concept through which the conditioning that occurs is operational. the operational consideration also looks into the different types of conflict through which the behavioral stems work from the learning processes. After that, it should also be considered that the behavioral theory believes in the different types of knowledge that exist independently and even outside of the thinking of the people and through which the blank slate is provided to the people without experience and after that latest filled with experience. 

What can be seen in this theory?

In the behavioral theory, the behaviorist tend to believe that the learning that occurs have changes in behaviors and also occurs when a new behavior is acquired by the people through the aspect of stimuli as well as responses and this theory is extremely important to be considered in the learning mechanism as the change of theory and in the causes of learning as well. After that, it should be considered that the learning process in this particular aspect is extremely observable in behavior because there are several aspects through which accusation of new behavior is taken and their environment which is present from those new responses are gathered as well. There are certain types of advantages which look into establishing rules as well as helps in the participation of points as well and teachers can use this theory to reward and punish the students as well because through which the desired behavior will come.

What are the limitations?

Certain limitations of this behavior can also be seen and this theory's limitation is it does not teach about creative thinking or even problem-solving. But this theory also looks into the basic facts and automatic responses as there are certain aspects through which the repetitive practice and bonus points are given to the students and teamwork is also taught in a proper manner through which it can be understood that the children can learn to mix with the diversity as well as different types of culture and this is a good practice for the children as well As for the teachers in the learning theory. The social hypothesis of learning can be considered as the kind of idea through which the molding that happens is operational. the operational thought additionally investigates the various sorts of contention through which the social stems work from the learning measures. 

Cognitive theory

The theory that should be taken into consideration is cognitive information processing all also known as the cognitive theory of learning through which the different types of processing of information is based on the process of thought behind the behavior and this theory is also important for the learning process as well As for the teachers and the children were there to learn. It can be understood that the theory is based on the idea on which the processing of humans take place and how-to information they receive the process it inside their mind and also responds to it through certain aspects of stimuli that think about what exactly is happening in the particular situation. This theory also looks into the different types of changes that are seen in the learners head by which the learner is exactly trying to notice different types of skills which are getting reflected and new knowledge is also entering through the mirror of the mind in the learner's heart and brain and this can be understood by the cognitive theory of learning. 

What does it mean?

The cognitive theory of learning also uses and warns the learner and the participant to play and very active role in understanding the different ways of information and also processing them so they can relate to the already known aspect in their mines and after that, it can also be seen that the learning process shows certain credit to the teacher because the memory is sharpened to a high rate. The learning process in this cognitive theory occurs through internal processing of different types of information that is taking place by the learner but unlike the behavioral theory, it is governed by certain circumstances that are external to the person's mind and where the internal processes take place as well. 

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