Artificial intelligence

 Artificial intelligence

what is Artificial intelligence? it is a part of computer science that finds human intelligence in machines .it is basically a technology that enables the computers for showing intelligence like humans. it includes reasoning, decision-making, and learning.

the main motive of AI is to reduce the work of humans' dependency on specialized takes with the help of advanced computer-based operations.

benefits of Artificial intelligence

  • help in forecasting: 

AI works on data analysis and makes predictions through data and information it occupies which gives benefits to many businesses for planning their sales and stock for the future.

  • keep connecting with the audience:

AI helps in keep connecting with the audience through the help of emails, online chat, social media, and many reduces the traditional method of conversation and keeps engaged with users if any user has any query then it can immediately ask for online help assistance .

  • real-time assistance:

there are many businesses in which there is a need to constantly update the information to users for instance airline business where the user wants to get information about tickets, weather climate so it can make up their mind so in this scenario AI helps.

Applications of AI :

  • Gaming:

Ai plays a very important role in playing games like poker, and chess where machines think about a large no of possible positions as per its heuristic knowledge.

  • the natural language 

it is possible to talk with a computer that understands natural language.

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