Amritsar- The Holy City

 Amritsar- The Holy City

Amritsar also called Ambarsar and historically known as Ramdaspur, is located in the Punjab state of India. It derives its name from Amrit Sarovar which was built by Guru Ram Das in the village of Tung. Guru Ram Das believed that the waters of the lake had healing powers. Amritsar is the largest and most important city in Punjab and is a major commercial, cultural, and transportation center. It is also the center of Sikhism and the site of the Sikhs’ principal place of worship—the Harmandir Sahib which is popularly known as the Golden Temple. The hospitality of Amritsar is very good and the people here are so overwhelming.

 5 most important reasons to visit Amritsar

1.    The very first reason to visit Amritsar is Golden Temple. The peace and tranquility of the temple is the main reason why travelers love visiting the temple. The langar served at the temple is yet another reason why this is a popular place to visit in Amritsar. The Architecture and ambiance of the temple will touch your heart.

2.    The second thing is the Wagah border. The Wagah Border is what divides India and Pakistan. Every evening, a ceremony called the 'lowering of the flags' is hosted half an hour before the sunset, and it sees a huge gathering on both sides of the border. The ceremony has been going on every day since 1959 and is worth an experience. 

3.    The third reason to visit Amritsar is Jallianwala Bagh. No Indian can forget the massacre and the tragic history of the Jallianwala Bagh during India's struggle for freedom. The memorial is a tribute and a way to pay respect to everyone who lost their lives here. Still, you can see the signs of history here.

4.    The fourth thing is food, which is so good that you can’t stop yourself. You eat at one Dhaba, and you'll find yourself eating at a Dhaba throughout your trip to Amritsar. Kesar Da Dhaba is one of the most popular Dhaba in the city, and you'll be drawn to it the moment you're anywhere near it. The smell of desi ghee and parathas will draw you to the Dhaba. It's also one of the oldest dhabas in the city. You will find a lot of Dhabas in Amritsar and don't forget to order a big glass of lassi while you're at it. The chole, parathas, dal, and phirni are some of the other specialty food items you must try out.

5.    The fifth reason is locals and the market. Interacting with the locals is one of the best things to do in Amritsar. You will learn a lot about their culture, and you will leave with a bunch of friends and a wonderful experience. The people here are extremely hospitable and will become your best buddy very quickly and quite easily. Head over to Old Amritsar to experience what Amritsar is all about. You will find a lot of bazaars here and some that have been there for over a hundred years. 

 Thus, the reasons to visit Amritsar are endless. Once you visit the place you will connect with the place heartly. This place will teach you to how to enjoy your life happily and keep others happy too.


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