Aiswarya B H

 Articles by Aiswarya B H 

1)History of Red Fort

2)HIV : Transmission, Symptoms and Prevention

3)Major crops of India

4)Irrigation and it's types

5)Nutrition and it's types

6)Oil spills : Causes and it's effect

7)Cancer : Causes and Treatment

8)Poverty and Hunger

9)History of Akbar

10)History of Brihadeshwara temple

11)Psychology : Application and it's Importance

12)Diversity of India

13)Microbiology and it's branches

14)History of Zeus

15)History of Helen of Troy


17)Disaster and Disaster management

18)Indian Constitution

19)Population and it's exploitation

20)Economic Development

21)Salient features of Indian society

22)Environmental Pollution

23)Global warming

24) Land Reforms of India

25)History of Taj Mahal

26)Security Breach of NASA

27)Origin and Development of Agriculture


29)Indian National Movement

30)Marine ecosystem

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