Academic degrees and their types.

 Academic degrees and their types.

As we all know that academic degrees are important for this generation, we all get the jobs by showing our degrees . It shows that we qualify for that particular jobs . 
Each and every degree has their own significance.

Some students are from science stream, some are from commerce stream and some are from arts streams . They all have their own values in their perspective fields.

Academic degrees is a qualification awarded to students upon successful completion of a course of study in higher education, usually at a college or university.
By taking academic degrees student are eligible for the job by their specific degrees .

Types of degrees 

There are basically 5 types of degrees .

1. Associate degree 

2. Bachelor's degree 

3. Master's degree 

4. Doctoral degree 

5. Professional degree 

1) Associate degree - 

Associate degree is of short time degree. It takes 2 years to complete the associate degree . Many student take advantage of the flexibility and affordability of an associate degree. 
Students willingly do associate degree as it takes only 2 years of time to complete.

Associate have 2 types 1) Associate of Arts ( AA)  2) Associate of science ( AS) 
They often serve to help students transfer their education into a bachelor's degree to further their studies and enter the workforce.

2) Bachelor's degree - 

It takes generally 4 years to complete bachelor's degree. Bachelor's degree programs are the most common form of post - secondary education in the United States.
In bachelor's degree student cover a broad range of specialization that divide degree program into majors .

Some bachelor's degree are given below.

1) Bachelor of science - 

Those students who are taken science after 10 they generally pursuing bachelor of science. In bachelor of science student often learn about the science subject that is physics , chemistry and biology.

2) Bachelor of arts -

Bachelor of arts are pursuing by those students who is interested in the history of the world and the surrounding environment.
Students who are generally wants to go with UPSC are basically do bachelor of arts as in bachelor of arts student learn about the history of the world.

3) Bachelor of commerce - 

Bachelor of commerce is generally pursuing by the students who are taken commerce after 10 . Bachelor of commerce gives the knowledge mainly about accounts and finance.

4) Bachelor of business administration - 

Bachelor of business administration is generally pursuing by the students who was taken commerce after 10 but anyone can pursue this course because in bachelor of business administration students learn about the business start ups .

3) Master's degree - 

This is 2 year long academic program that requires a student to have earned their bachelor's degree. Master's degree generally focus on a specific subject and it gives mainly focus on practical knowledge. 
It gives deep knowledge about particular subject.

Some of the most common master's degree programs are -

1) Master's of science - 

This is 2 year course which covered the particular topics and try to make it practical. Topics that would have been covered in a bachelor of science are usually covered in master of science.

2) Master's of arts - 

This is 2 year course which covered the particular topics. Those topics which had covered in bachelor of arts is covered in master of arts but in broad terms .

3) Master's of commerce - 

Those topics which had been covered in bachelor of commerce is same covered in master of commerce but in broad terms.

4) Master's of business administration - 

Master of business administration gives the practical knowledge of business and focuses on specific topic which also covered in bachelor of business administration.

4) Doctoral Degree - 

Doctoral degree is the highest possible academic degree attainable, and doctoral programs are designed to provide a student with the tools and training to become professionally involved with academic research to expand upon a field of study.

5) Professional Degree -

A professional degree is an advanced education designed to prepare you to work in a specific field, such as medicine or law .
It is done generally in 5 to 7 years.

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