Academic Degree and its Types

 Academic Degree and its Types

Academic degree

A lot of students just passed school and going to pursue an academic degree for their higher studies. But you know what is an academic degree and why it is important. An Academic degree is a qualification awarded to the student usually by a college or University for the successful completion of the course of study in higher education. Collage or universities offer various types of courses at different levels of degrees like Under graduation, Master’s, doctorate, diploma, etc. Academic degrees are research-oriented and prepare the student for a research-oriented career. Any course that includes theory, methodology, history, and research is considered an academic degree. 

After completion of an academic degree, one can apply for a decent job in their field, that pays well. The higher the level of degree, the better the job and salary. Academic degrees are not like professional degrees in which you focus on a specific professional career, they can be used for different fields and careers.

Levels of academic degree

Under graduation- Bachelor’s degree

After completion of secondary education you can opt for Bachelor’s degree. You need to study for 3 to 5 years to get Bachelor’s degree. This is the first level of an academic degree. After completion of it, you can opt for the next level of degree. For example, B.A., B. Sc,, BJMC, B. Tech, etc.

Post-graduation- Master’s degree

After completion of a Bachelor’s degree you can opt for a Master’s degree. You need to study for 1 to 2 years to get a Master’s degree. This is the second level of an academic degree. This degree is useful if you want to study is specific field and do research. For example, M.A., M.Sc., MBA, etc. 


 If you want expertise in a particular field of your interest then you can opt for a doctorate program. During this program, you need to do research in a particular field which helps you get deep knowledge. This last for 3 to 6 years. For example, Ph.D. in English/psychology/ philosophy/etc.

Types of Academic degrees

  • Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science= These are the most common academic degrees which are mostly opted for by students if they want to start their career in the field of arts and science.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration = This degree is very helpful if you want to start your career in business administration. You can directly start their career after completion of the course or may continue their education. 
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts= If you want to start your career in the field of visual and performing arts, this is the best course for you.
  • Bachelor of Architecture= This program is very helpful for those who want to create their career in the field of Architecture or want to become Architecture.
  • Master of Arts and Master of Science= If you want specialization in a particular field after a Bachelor's degree you can opt for this program.
  • Master of Business Administration= This is a high-level degree in business administration. It helps you to get deeper business knowledge and you can get a good job in the field of business.


A lot of degrees are available according to different fields. You can opt for any degree of your interest based on your educational history.

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