Academic Degree and its types

Education is the most important in our life. Without education we are nothing. Education is the field where you can't stop learning and it will go on forever. For education, it has no years, gender, caste or class. Whoever you are if you want to learn and get educated you can do that.

An academic degree is a qualification that students are assigned after completing their higher education levels at schools, colleges and universities. After their higher education, many students opt for an academic degree or professional degree. Here we will discuss the various levels and their types of degrees.

Bachelor's degree ( undergraduate)

This degree comes after completing the higher secondary level. Every college and university offers a bachelor's degree program. This is a recognized degree and many students opt for a bachelor's degree after their high secondary level. Bachelor's degree course duration is 4 years. 

This degree includes the following various program -

1. Bachelor of Arts

2. Bachelor of Science

3. Bachelor of Fine Arts 

4. Bachelor of Library Science

5. Bachelor of Business Administration

6. Bachelor of Health Science

7. Bachelor of Fine Arts 

Master's degree ( post-graduation)

After completing your bachelor's degree you can do your master's degree. This master's degree program is not had in all colleges and universities. It depends on your subject.  For example, if you choose a subject English for doing master's it might not be available in all the colleges and universities you want because some colleges and universities have specific subjects which they offer for master's degrees. So after choosing your subject you can see which college you have that subject and apply for that. This course duration is 2 years.

This degree includes the following various programs -

1. Master of Arts

2. Master of Science

3. Master of Library Science

4. Master of Information System Management

5. Master of Business Administration

6. Master of Health Science

7. Master of Fine Arts

Doctorate / PhD

A doctorate is the highest level of degree in an average person's life. The most common type of degree is a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). At this degree level as students can enrol either after their bachelor's or master depending upon the university. In this degree, you have to do practicals based on real life or it is a research program. The course duration is 2-4 years or more depending on which field you are choosing. 

This degree includes the following various programs - 

1. Doctor of Nursing Practice ( DNP )

2. Doctor of Education

3. Doctor of Philosophy

Professional Degree

A professional degree is advanced learning leading to a governed occupation. The course duration is up to you in which field you choose. The various degree has their course durations. In a professional degree, you will choose a profession in which you will make your career. There are various private and government institutions for various professional degrees.

This degree includes the following various programs - 

1. Doctor of Pharmacy

2. Medical Doctor

3. Doctor of Dental Surgery

4. Law

5. Graphic Designing

6. Interior Designing

7. Event Management

8. Cabin crew

9. Journalism

10. Digital Marketing

There are various degrees and various programs available throughout the world. So whatever field you choose make sure that it is the right field for you. Work hard and you will get success in your life.

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