5 Business Software you should know about it.

 5 Business Software you should know about it

what is business software? 

it is basically a program or an application that helps the company in its daily activities. it is installed locally. there are different types of activities performed in a company which is sometimes become difficult to manage without the help of software so now it has become an important part of any company. As in large cooperation, there are large No. of people for performing the task but in small organizations there are only a few people so it is needed a lot in small companies.  the uses of software also depend on the size and kind of work a company is catering for large cop payroll management software uses is more as compared to small because of No of people are more in large companies so to manage all data this software support these firms.

types of software?

1: Project management:

Project management software helps in managing, planning, and executing projects and daily activities in a company. usually when there is a large project comes into a company it is distributed among the people as per their expertise so here this software helps in measuring or tracking the work performed by everyone and to analyze how the resources are being used on a project .it helps in enhancing the efficiency of the people working into a company by analysis of their performance.

the major task performed by this software:

  • Helps in tracking Active task 
  • Helps in prevent deadlines or late work
  • Enhance efficiency & productivity of the team
  • Helps in planning the cost of the project
Examples: Airtable, Monday, and  Asana.

2: CRM Software:

CRM stands for customer relationship management. this software support managing clients and leads. it mainly performs two functions increasing sales & improving customer relations.

How CRM software helps a business:

  • it helps in managing feedback and expectations
  • get connected with clients whom you have not served
  • keep a reserve of customer information for better fulfillment of their needs
Examples: Honeybook and Salesflare

3: Accounting & billing software:

 It includes a variety of software whose functions revolve around the finances of any company like accounting and bookkeeping, invoicing, billing, and revenue monitoring.

How this software helps a business:

  • it becomes invoicing easy
  • helps in managing payments deadlines

Examples:- Quickbooks, Freshbooks, wave, etc.

4: Appointment scheduling software:

if your business revolves around meeting people then this software will help you a lot . this software offers the facility to a client to self-schedule its meeting without sending emails or phone calls.

How this software helps a business:

  • saves from double bookings
  • the charge for the meeting in advance 
  • manage the calendar efficiently
Examples: Bookafy,calandly,setmore, etc.

5: Shift management software:

this software helps in managing where the peoples work differently like at different timings and schedules. while having this software every employee knows about their working time and shift schedule. This software is very helpful in restaurant , shops and cleaning companies.

How this software helps a business:

  • helps in building and sharing schedule
  • offers facility of managing , editing meetings.
  • monitor employee presence 
Example: Sage HR , Timesphere , when I work

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