10 healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle

10 healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle

All of us want a healthy and fit body or we can say we want a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle gives you a happy life, good mental peace and stable life but unfortunately, we end up with all the shortcuts we have because of the busy schedule we have all day.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle because of all our busy days.

We should maintain physically as well as mentally a good lifestyle.

So, here are some good habits for a healthy life : 

1. Regular exercise - We should exercise regularly to keep our bodies fit and healthy. Regular exercise keeps our muscles and bones more strong. 30 minutes of doing exercise every day can be helpful for our body. Something like walking or doing a warm-up for 30 minutes gives more energy to our body and adds some more healthy years to our life.

2. Eat breakfast - Daily having breakfast can help to give more energy and keep your stomach full for a long time. You should add vitamins, proteins, minerals and fewer fats and cabs to your breakfast. Eating eggs for a breakfast is very good for your body.

3. Avoid stress - Taking stress will affect your brain and organs. It is very dangerous for our mental and physical health. Stress can be a major factor for high blood pressure, pressure stroke, heart diseases and many more. Doing yoga and meditation will help to relieve stress.

4. Sleep more - Our body also needs rest. For younger and teenagers 7-8 hours of sleep is good for their body and for adults they should sleep 5-6 hours a day although they can sleep during the day if they want. Good sleep is very important for our good health. Good sleep will keep our minds energetic, fresh and cool. Lack of sleep will lead to lack of concentration, headache, and drowsiness. If you are having trouble getting sleep then listen to your favourite music, read books or you can consult a doctor

5. Stop smoking - Smoking is a bad habit and it is very dangerous to our bodies. Smoking affects our lungs so it is better to avoid.

6. Stop drinking alcohol - Consuming alcohol is very bad for our bodies. It can damage our system.

7. Drink more water - Drinking water is very important because it flushes toxins from our bodies and keeps us hydrated. Every day we should drink 3 - 4 litres of water. Whenever you are hungry and you don't have anything to eat in your kitchen then make sure you drink water. It will keep you hydrated and your hunger remain to stop for some time.

8. Eat more vegetables and fruits - We should eat fruits in the morning snack or the evening. Fruits give us vitamins, minerals, potassium, and fibre. Example - apple, orange, avocado, banana, blueberries, dragon fruit etc. Eating more leafy vegetables is very good it contains all the essential nutrients we need in our body. At every meal take more vegetables and less rice. It will keep your stomach full for a longer time and you won't feel heavy after having your meal.

9. Proper hygiene - Maintaining proper hygiene is necessary. Like brushing your teeth regularly and taking bath every day. It will improve your health and social life.

10. Always laugh more - Last but not least. Laughter is the best therapy. Whenever you get a chance to laugh please laugh as much as you can. Laughing is very good for the heart. It will improve our mental health also. There are many laughter clubs, and organisations available in your city. You can join them too.

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