Objectives of Town Development Plan


  • It arranges the pattern of a town in such a way so as to satisfy the present requirements without introduction of future improvements by the coming generations 
  • Restricting haphazard and unplanned growth
  • It helps to bring harmony and understanding between the different groups of the people 
  • It removes the defects of uncoordinated physical growth 
  • It serves as a guide to the planning body for making any recommendations for public improvement
  • It stimulates wider interest in community problems 
  • To coordinate the physical, economic, social and political forces that govern the structure of the community 
  • To formulate long term and short term action programs with a view to injecting long term considerations into short term actions 
  • It aims at intelligent and economic spending of the public funds for achieving welfare of the inhabitants in respect of amenity, convenience and health 
  • To organize and coordinate the complex relationships between urban land uses

Necessity of Development Plan 

  • To control the development of various industries in a systematic way 
  • To discourage the an used and unscientific way growth 
  • It serves an overall picture and program for the future development 
  • To offset the evils which have come up due to overcrowding of population such as acute shortage of houses, traffic congestion, inadequate open spaces and insufficiency in public amenities etc. 
  • To limit to a certain extent the unprecedented flow of rural population to the urban area

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