World Peace

 Globalization and international organisations have deepened the connection between the countries worldwide. Today, a number of countries are nuclear equipped, hence it is extremely  important to maintain world peace and harmony and avoid any circumstance of war. With the growth of globalization and technological developments, the security threats are also becoming more and more complex. Therefore today, peace requires wider cooperation from the people.

Many famous personalities have contributed to the idea of world peace. Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela are two famous personalities who stood against inequality using peaceful resistance. Martin Luther King had emphasized the message of equality and brotherhood among everyone, in his popular speech "I have a Dream". Mahatma Gandhi is revered as the non-violent and peaceful leader. 

After the end of the cold war era in the 1990s, the world has grown to be more harmonious and peaceful. War leads to loss of life and has a long lasting impact on the people of the country. It is important to maintain this peace and prevent any kind of conflict. Peace talks, mutual negotiation and discussion should be used as a measure of conflict resolution as far as possible to avoid the painful consequences of war. 

With the active participation of international organisations, cooperative relations have been built and wars are considered unacceptable. The United Nations (UN) found in 1945 had played a significant role in initiating peaceful measures to resolve conflicts between the countries.

World peace does not mean absence of violence. A mere absence of violence is negative peace. Positive peace includes people of different countries interacting in a cooperative way. It also includes socio-economic justice and equality along with development of tolerance, friendship and understanding between the nations. 

In order to avoid conflicts, it is important to give equal representation to different regions or countries in the international organisations. This can avoid the chances of one country being oppressed, so that the situation of war does not arise. The economically weaker countries should not be exploited and distribution of resources should be allocated in the proper manner. 

Peaceful relations between the countries can promote globalization in a beneficial way, people can interact freely, exchange their culture, and it also helps to boost tourism. With peaceful relations, the world can fight the unfair practices together and bring improvements in the issues related to human rights and climate change. 

As Mahatma Gandhi had said "An eye for an eye ends up making the whole world blind ". Hence it is important to avoid the situation of war as well as maintain a peaceful world community.

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