Why caste? Who formed caste system? What for it is? For whom does it benefit? Who were all affected?

There arises an uncountable number of questions when we start a conversation on caste. As there is no origin or an individual discoverer of caste, making it even more complex. It just evolved and attained various forms in the society, in general, it is  time variant in nature. Each defines himself as a top caste and compares it only with a caste/ community lower than his/hers. It doesn't mean like only privileged communities, boost themselves rather, people used it as a upgrading tool wherever required. Like, if they are benefitted by showing up their caste, they would outbreak it via asking their native land.

Natives of the State 

 As in Tamil Nadu, to say in real each district has its own dominated community. Coimbatore- Gounder, Vanniyar; Thirunelveli - Nadar; Ramanathapuram - Mukkulathor; Madurai- Thevar and so on. These information almost are known to every tamilian who has an idea and impact of community in their life, in fact they can't even sustain in society without knowing these.


This might sound pretty unethical to outsiders who are unaware of the candidates of each dominant party selecting their elective members for a particular ward/ district. Keenly observing, each party will hold a diversity in its selection of leading members. But actually people are fine with it, Tamil Nadu is the only state in India, which has been ruled by state-level parties either single-handedly or in alliance with the national parties. Majority parties are only DMK and AIADMK, other parties could neither match the outstanding competition between them nor sustain in the battle.

Unity in Diversity

Behind all the scenes, when it comes to tamil culture and language, they are all one in a hand. The ideology of language and heritage seems to be same for all tamilians. Being the longest surving language in the world, it outstandes in its poetry and literature which is most experienced when written in its true style "Pure Tamil".Tamilians value heritage and tradition and stand united when issues arise especially on jalli kattu protest, NEET exam and many others.

Can we imagine living without community?

It is quiet difficult and unimaginable when it comes to a state comprising 100+ communities in it. Many reformers had tried to throw off community and articulated to live unison as Tamilians. The surnames of keeping their community names behind the names are widely wiped off from the state. This is still an identity in most other states in India like Kerala, Andhra and other northern states. This surname idea is held out of the state only by the refinement in ideologies of people by Periyar, Anna and Babasaheb.


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