Sustainable Development

One fact which no person or group can not deny is that resources are limited on this planet. All these resources have got unlimited uses.
 In simple words resources are scars. So it has to be used to satisfy the unlimited wants and desires of human beings. 
There is an utmost need to divide the system so Earth resources can grow in the best possible way for using present resources. Humans need a system that ensures the usage of resources without depletion. 
Certain strategies like
The balance between conservation and development- 
Development should not be at the cost of the environment we should have a mutual Outlook for both.
Satisfaction of basic human needs-
Sources unlimited but wants are unlimited people have Max with them for newborns but not for the greed Mahatma Gandhi
Social justice-
Sources should be allocated not according to the financial status of a country but according to the needs and requirements of each nation.
Maintenance of ecological integrity-
Human intervention should be sustained so the ecosystem can maintain itself naturally.
These things can play important role in the development of a system, certainly, if human beings get success in building such a system this will get sustainable development.
Sustainable Development refers to development that meets the requirements of the present generation without compromising the ability to fulfill the requirements of the future generations.

Principles of the development
Optimum utilization of natural resources-
There are 195 countries in the world and resources are unevenly divided between them. So the use of resources to their full is important.
Effective water management
70% of the earth is covered with water but only 2.5% of water is fresh. That is the reason why world Bank estimate 21% of disease in India are linked to unsafe water.
Intergenerational equity -
There is a generation to come in the future which serves a share in the offerings of mother earth. So there should be a just between them.
Holistic Approach
It means it takes different objects as a whole, not in isolation.

Sadly this Subject of sustainable development have several issues like in India there are some key issues to reach to a state of a full sustain economy Few such issues are:-
Climate change
Week laws
Globalization limitations
Human Greed
Lack of knowledge
Acid rain

In a nutshell sustainable development is certainly not an easy goal to achieve.
It's a long process that can be fulfilled if we as a society give more importance to the user than to meet self-greed. The world can be better placed if most intelligent species i.e humans take charge and work together in its direction.
So basic principle to be learned is the usage of resources should be strictly for the betterment of all life on earth and for generations to come.

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