The name comes from the meaning of Qi(life force or energy) and Gong(work), which indicates that the  works with the individual's life force. It is also known as Chi kung. The art of qigong is based on the Taoyin, which is an ancient art which is used to foster mental and physical well being.

The Chinese Government made it popular as it is done with Tai Chi. The practice began to appear in teaning and marital arts at the beginning of the twentieth century which was used in the hospital in the early 1930s. It involves static and dynamic exercises which stimulate respiration by standing, seated and reclined position. There are many different styles of qigong, the movements are gentle and intense.


Improved cardiac functions

Better circulation

Improved balance of sex hormones

Declaration of symptoms associated with senility

Improved bodily functions


The Five elements represent Earth, Wood, Water, Metal and Fire. This five series helps to maintain the body movements and improves the brain and organ function.


1. Stand with your legs and your feet directly on the shoulders, strengthen the posture.

2. Relax your shoulders down and your arms loose at your side, slightly away from the body.

3.inhale-raise your arms, shoulders, Exhale-bend your knees, bring your arms.

4. Hold the position, focus on the breath.


1. Starting from the earth posture, turn your palms and arms, forming a circle and inhale. 

2. Turn your palms so that elbow points downwards and relaxed.

3. Reverse the movement as you exhale.

4. Repeat twice, for the total of three.


1.Standing from the earth posture, bend your knees into squat, keep your chest upright and exhaling throughout.

2. Stretch your lumbar spine

3. By inhaling, stand to return earth posture.

4. Repeat twice, for a total of three.


1. Starting from the earth position, raise your arms until your hands are level with your stream.

2. Palms to be turned and hands to be upward.

3. As you inhale, move your hands to the shoulder.

4. As you exhale, bring your hands towards the back in position

5. Repeat it twice, observing the energy concentration and bring hands in front of your lungs.


1. Starting from the earth posture, bring hands near the heart and inhale, Rotate your hands to feel the energy.

2. Turn from your waist gently to left, keeping your hands downwards to  the ground.

3. Palms facing each other, separate your hands in front of the abdomen.

4. Turn your waist to the right, keeping your torso relaxed to the ground.

5. As you exhale, let your hands come back to the heart.

6. Separate your hands, bringing one up near the shoulder and other near the abdomen.



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