The Caste System is a major evil in Indian society.

Originally, India from its past had this caste system in the society. From the kings reign to till the current society, the caste system is in existence. Caste system, in the king's era did not give rise to discriminations but the recent society made this a great way of discriminating This caste system, in present India, is misleading the society and its citizens towards bad decisions. It is forcing the people even to the things that should not be attempted.

During the king's reign, the four-fold caste system was followed. The four castes were namely, Brahmins (teachers, intellectuals/priests), Kshatriyas (Warriors/rulers), Vaishyas (Traders, merchants), Shandra (Laborer's) and the last category are untouchables (cobblers, street sweepers, larine cleaners etc.). According to Hindu Vedas, it is believed that the Brahmins originated from the head of Brahma, Vaishyas from the thigs of Brahma, Sudras from the feet of Brahma and kshatriyas from the hands of Brahma. That's why Brahmins were given priority and importance, even treated as Guru.

This system coming to the present society is divided into OC Copen Category), OBC (other Backward classes/castes) SC(scheduled Castes), ST (Scheduled tribes). This present (or) recent division gave rise to discriminations and Conflicts in the society. The people who OC feel that they are great and treat the other classes as interiors. The reservations for the lower classes made the administration particularly in education worse..

If observed, the incidents that took place recently because of caste feeling in the people, made us think whether we are living in a human society, and is humanity. existing questions arise in our minds. If considered, a Situation that took place in Hyderabad A couple loved each other and got married, the girl belongs to upper caste and the boy was from lower caste. The girl's father was not happy with his daughter's marriage with a low caste boy .Up to what extent this caste feeling took him is, he brutally killed the poor boy as he belonged to the lower caste and married his daughter. This is where we feel, whether the humanity is existing or not.

The worst thing is, people while electing their representative not all, but most of the people vote for the leader of their caste. This is a really sad thing being in a democratic country .Some political leaders also show partial bias on the people of their caste and wish to always favor them. The most dreadful thing is a party representing a particular Caste in India, it might be a regional party or national party. Even though many rules and laws were made, a kind of feeling in the people exists even to this day..

This caste system creates a lot of disturbances in the Society and gives rise to violence among the people. Like the above incident, continuously the same kind of incidents took place; one after the other, here and there in the Country. The politicians fight and criticize each other by naming their castes which makes the term democracy meaningless.

So, this caste system is the greatest evil that is misleading. people into bad thoughts and decisions. This should be eliminated (or removed (or) put an end to it, in order to establish peace in the country). According to Article 17 in the Indian constitution, the act of untouchability was prohibited. But, here and there in society, it is still in practice. Caste system in India is very rigid, and cannot be removed easily. If people are educated then some changes can be expected. But the bad news is even the educated people follow and believe the caste and act accordingly.

Finally, concluding that the caste system in India is a major evil in the society We cannot expect a model society. It cannot be removed easily from the minds of the people. so, a model society con peaceful society can be attained only through the complete eradication of the caste system.

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