Assam & Mizoram Conflict

India is the tenth-largest country by land. Carved out of 565 princely states & 17 provinces at the time of Independence, which were just 14 states and 6 union territories.
With time number of states has grown to
28 states and 8 Union territories.
All the states have some issues in between one such issue which raised the eyebrows is the 'conflict between Assam & Mizoram'.
Carved out of Assam in 1972 as a union territory, Mizoram gained its complete statehood in 1987.
The states have a dispute over a border of 164.6 km
Mizoram stands by an 1875 notification, which came from 'The Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act of 1873'.
Whereas, Assam claims the land as per '1933 notification by the state government that demarcates Lushai Hills'.
During Colonial time Lushai was known as Mizoram.
These borders change with natural obstacles like rivers, forests, etc. Often people living on one side of the land cross it as they are unaware of the border demarcation.
Other Land Disputes in Indian states-
• Belagavi Dispute between Karnataka and Maharashtra.
• Assam & Nagaland dispute.
• Gujarat & Rajasthan dispute over Mangadh Hill.
• Himachal dispute with Haryana over Parwanoo region.
• Himachal dispute with Ladakh over claim on Sarchu.

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