What if it rains diamond instead of water?

Rain of diamonds

We people live in Earth experience rain more often. It brings out joy to some and sorrow to some. Climates changes and all other factors are becoming reasons for acid rains in urban areas and many rural areas are turning into desert without rain. 

In those areas, raining of water itself considered as precious thing like diamond whereas in Saturn the rain is not made of water instead they rain diamonds.

[Courtesy: Discovery news]

Saturn and it's diamonds

Scientists believe that there are about 10 million stones like this in the atmosphere of Saturn. Every year about 1,000 covered rocks rain down in Saturn as stated by NASA. So, Why it rains diamond in Saturn? Are they the real diamonds?

Saturn, the planet with rings has these diamonds rocks in its atmosphere. These rocks are formed because of the gaseous mass present in the atmosphere, they are very intense. When the lightning storm occuring in the planet strikes the Methane(CH4) gas, it converts it into soot like compound which contains mostly of Carbon molecules.

When the Saturn rays which are extremely high in temperature hits the Soot, they break the molecules separating the Carbon and Hydrogen. The newly formed compound will be heavy and is attracted by the gravity. 

The falling compound is subjected to high pressure and increase in temperature transferring Carbon to Graphite and then into Diamonds while falling to the surface. This is how it rains Diamond in the six planet of the Solar System.

The large diamonds are in centimetres which are suitable for a diamond ring. These diamonds fall on the surface of the planet. 
Who knows may be in the future diamonds would be harvested in Saturn.
Studies state that as like Saturn,  planets like Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune also rain diamonds.

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