Traditional and Online School

 It sounded pretty weird when we thought about attending school from our bed back in 2019, but now when we look at it, it has become a new normal.


It started back in March 2020, when the complete lockdown was imposed by the Prime Minister of India due to increasing cases of Covid-19, and all the educational institutions along with everything else was shut down. The mode of classes was switched to online and all the students were directed to cope with the teachers in the online lectures. 

As time passed by and the situation grew even worse, and the mode of online education became normal like any traditional method of education. Online classes didn't even mold the schedule of students but gave them a better chance to interact with teachers. It's not that there aren't any drawbacks to it, they're present in almost everything like students finding a distraction during the time of classes and a rush to be highly self-motivated, which often leads to students getting misguided and wasting their time.


Both traditional and online classes have their own pros and cons- it's up to the students how they utilize the opportunities provided to them. 

FLEXIBILITY: Where traditional classes have fixed schedules and demand the particular time of the student, on the other hand, online classes provide students flexibility and a schedule that they can fix on their own. It lets students stay focused and give suitable time to their other commitments. 

SELF DISCIPLINE AND MOTIVATION: When it comes to discipline and motivation traditional classes do have an advantage for it holds a structured schedule and provides students on-campus interactive sessions, whereas in online classes students need to stay motivated and save themselves from distractions that might disrupt their schedule.

SOCIAL INTERACTION: The interaction in the online classes is so much more efficient than those in traditional because not only provides scheduled doubt lectures but gives access to students of recorded lectures that help them deal with their queries, while the traditional classes fail to thrive because of the lack in regularity due to distance and several other factors.


The curriculum is designed in such a way that it can be studied through both- online and in-person learning. It's up to the individual on how they take the medium and learn to be productive by any means. 

There might be a minimal difference between the two- likewise timing, accessibility, and place, but both the sources implement the best of themselves for the education of students and hence it's up to the students to decide what they want in the future, as per the present circumstances there might be a day where students will have to choose between the two options of education, that is- online and traditional.


Most of it comes to personal preferences of how one learns more efficiently, hence there ain't no right or wrong in traditional versus online school. These learning methods can be very effective or of no use at all, all that depends on that particular individual for they take apply it on their personal style of learning.

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