Social Media and Reality

 Uh oh, check this out before that new notification distracts you and makes you waste another 2 hours stalking someone you think is superior to you and make yourself sulk for nothing.

Social Media VS Reality

If we start comparing the pre-social media phase and post-social media phase, many of us will have different views on the same. Let's say that it was so much better when we didn't have to spend hours before the screen and actually had some goals specifically for the day.

The physical meet-up with friends and families had its own advantages and better exposure for anyone who liked interacting with people. The white light of phone screens has literally snatched it away from all of us.

We all will accept the fact that technology has brought so many facets that are helpful for us all and provides us a such a level of education and productivity that we wouldn't have been able to realize without it. If we talk about social media it has allowed for larger and quicker access to information. The information coming to us may be about some celebrity activity, fashion, or recent natural disaster but we cannot claim that we are not informed. 


Like every other thing, social media has its own downsides. There are a lot of questions that arise that if the information we receive is correct? Do we trust the sources giving us the information? Would the addiction of it affect our normal life? Does social media alter one's understanding of reality? 

The chaos of looking better than the rest in your Instagram posts, sharing your travel location on Facebook, and tweeting on Twitter over the topics that you aren't even aware of, is just another reason to feel accomplished at that time and then feel anxious upon it. 


Don't get me wrong- social media is amazing. From information, comedies to one's personal stories, ideas to marketing and targeting people for little to no cost. But as great as all of it is, social media is the most damaging aspect of our generation.

From the new teens to the ones in their 40s, almost everyone participates in the marathon of looking presentable over social media, the cold war between Instagram influencers and digital creators within this marathon is something that can't be ignored or go unnoticed. It is very common these days where one might create all the scenarios over their online love interest and later realize that it was nothing but treachery with a whole fake identity and several trap accounts, playing with people's emotions and this act that may sound fun to one, might lead someone with serious trust issues and on the edge of loneliness.

It is high time for every one of us to understand that being on social media platforms can be great and help us deal with almost any kind of boredom, be it by being a part of random group chat, recreating pictures like some "victoria secret" model, and being the queen bee amongst your friend circle, but as far as it looks so fascinating and attractive, one must know that it is nothing but a well-composed online game which was visually created with the actually existing people and none that happens on it, is real and holds any existence. 

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