Kerala Govt. takes steps againt Dowry

Societies have a long history of male domination, which can be witnessed from ancient rituals and customs.
Men are traditionally bread earners whereas their counterparts females are homemakers.
With time few things have changed but the major picture remains quite constant.
Dowry is an unethical practice in our society, hidden behind the name of gifts or blessings by elders. 

Many strategies and steps are taken by the government, but still, it's prevalent. A new development took place in the string of events as now Kerala government directs employees to give affidavits that no dowry is taken by them. This circular was issued by the Department of Women & Child Development.
Under its new rules, all-male married employees are directed to submit a declaration stating that no dowry is taken from the bride's family.
It comes after several cases of deaths due to dowry-related crimes reported in the state.
The declaration is to be submitted to the concerned department within 30 days of marriage, signed by the employee's wife and inlaws. 
In case of a fake affidavit, legal action will be taken against the official. Moreover giving or taking of the dowry will be punished by the imprisonment of a term not less than 5 years and a fine of Rs 15,000.

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