IKIGAI - review on anti aging



It tells about the secret to a long and happy life, gives  the real meaning of life. Japanese culture which is unique, says that there should be purpose in life and there is no retirement for that.  


HARA HACHI BU - sayings in Japanese which is repeated before eating, meaning full your belly to the half. They stop eating when their stomach is half filled. The way of serving food is also unique in their culture that is food is served in five cups, initially they will have the feeling like they have more food, but when they eat that they will always feel like half filled. The pleasure of short term like eating snacks is avoided by them.

MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO -  a sound mind in a sound body. It says the truth that both are mind and body are interconnected and is important for us to keep them active. Physical exercise can help one get out of mental stress. If one exercises regularly his neurons are active in the sense that he is able to adapt to the new environment easily, On the other case, the person who lacks exercise will be lacking inactive state of mind as the connected neurons don't act accurately as a result the person is unable to adapt the surrounding.


Research reveals the truth that stress is the primary cause of aging. Stress promotes cellular aging as the cellular structure telomere is affected and Premature aging is acquired by stress as the cells are unable to regenerate. The greater the stress, the greater is the degenerative effect on cells. 

The ancient people had a high dose of cortisol and adrenaline, which comes in the danger moments and makes the body healthy. As Modern humans due to stress we acquire low doses of cortisol flowing constantly throughout the body, which finally results in health problems.

Threats lead to stress, Stress leads to digestive problems. As Prevention is always better than cure, we can avoid stress before that comes into us. We can attain the state of peace by regular practice of exercise, yoga and self care. Change is the process, we need to adapt it for the progress. 


Walk at least 30  minutes a day.
Replace digital with real.
Have a healthy diet.
Make a conscious routine
Workout, play and have fun.


The key element of  keeping the body young is by keeping the mind active. Escaping from difficulties or situations in life will yield nothing productive rather coming out from the cave of comfort and fear will help the brain to train it in a way of differentiating approaching problems.

People who live the longest have two unavoidable traits in common; a positive attitude and a high degree of emotional awareness, i.e., facing challenges with a positive outlook and are able to manage their emotions are on their way to longevity.


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