Importance of Training and Internship

Over the years, the Indian education system has landed itself into myriad controversies as it is often criticized by the masses for its sheer inability to go beyond the four walls of the classroom and non-deliverance of an all-round enriching, practical learning experience to the pupils. The critics argue further that its biggest problem is the lack of emphasis on experiential learning and undue focus given to rote learning. As a result of this, the students bear the brunt of this massive shortcoming, often being faced with a bombshell when they enter the job market,looking for gainful employment.
At that stage, they find themselves unequipped with relevant skills as well as unbeknownst to professional
requirements and work culture.

Against the backdrop of the wedge between the education system and the job market, training and internships come to the rescue of the budding young talent to endow them with a strong foundation and a bright future.
An internship is a short-term work commitment made by a student with an organisation, whether paid or unpaid for the purpose of gaining a hands-on-experience in the relevant field. It is usually aligned to the student's career goal and thus, holds of utmost significance to his/her career prospects in the specific field.
The first and foremost advantage that an internship offers is exposure to the professional environment, skill requirements and work-culture in the field of interest. It promises a formidable opportunity to the students to apply classroom teaching in real life work-scenarios, broadens the horizons of their knowledge and helps them to learn to accommodate themselves in a professional setting.
It's rightly said, "What you learn, you may forget but what you experience, you will always retain".This precisely puts forth the marvel of experiential learning that a student can savour using the tool of training & internship.
Our education system too has been trying to play fair its own part in overcoming the obstacle of excessively theoretical, syllabus bound learning remote from practicality with the incorporation of case studies at secondary & higher levels. What is more, many postgraduate schools such as MBA institutes are trying to engage students in group discussions, corporate case studies and debates over global issues so to enhance their knowledge about how things operate in the real world. However, they can never pale into insignificance, the true foundational experience that an internship promises. It continues to standout as a worthwhile experience and does not fail to deliver upon its promise helping students to not only gain a competitive edge in today's globalised world but contributing equally to their personality development by imparting them life skills.
Another incredible advantage is that the students are set to gain both personally & professionally under the guidance of experts in the field as they work in an organization. Besides, they have the opportunity to build valuable contacts in the relevant field through networking which might come handy later when they enter the industry as employees.
Organizations and employers are also benefitted as they can evaluate the fresh talent and infuse their innovative, nouvelle ideas to create something of value using a fresh perspective for the organisation. Sometimes, they may even find suitable candidates who can transform into valuable human resource in the disguise of interns and thus, may be able to hire qualified young people on a full time commitment. In such a case, prospective employees no longer need to set off on a job hunting spree post completion of degrees while employers too can employ highly qualified and tested new talent acquainted with their work-culture. Therefore, internships are able to create a mutually beneficial relationship between the two.
There is no denying the fact that internships help enhance resume or CV but they indeed offer a lot more than just that. Fresh graduates are not bombarded with sky-high expectations of employers abruptly. They know precisely what to expect and what the employers expect from them in addition to how the career is going to contribute to their all-round growth. With this being said, internships can be considered to be a crucial point of decision-making if students are infested with doubts regarding how a particular field would shape their career. They may explore multiple fields before taking the ultimate plunge into that one career that is meant for them and for which they are best suited for.
Henceforth, internships help tremendously in choosing the right career path based on experience and rationale rather than impulse or hearsay. It brings us to the conclusion that training & internships are crucial to bridging the gap between education system and job market even as they prepare the budding talent of tomorrow to hone requisite skills and pursue their scintillating dreams unflinching, embracing a brighter future.

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