The only way to celebrate each day is we need to live each day to the fullest. It shows the beauty of fleeting, changing and imperfect nature of the world. Instead of searching beauty in perfection, try to find beauty in yourselves. 

THIS MOMENT WON'T COME AGAIN. This is cent per cent true statement. Whether we like or not, agree or disagree some kinds of changes is going to happen around us and that is unstoppable. Talk with strangers, travel around the world, live the moment.

Here are some inspirational statement which can eventually change your mindset.


The secret to live longer is not to get worried about things. Always keep your heart young. Don't make it old. Open your heart with the nice smile. Smiling at opposite party makes them feel good on you. Everyone has a problem, the theme is how we are going to face it with plans. There is no way to stop it. Spending tie together with like minded people or with family and friends is the only thing which you can have fun.


Wakeup at six in the morning. Spend time in your garden, relax, keep your mind and heart stable by getting the fresh air. Avoiding screen on your mobile or lap screen for the first one hour of your day. The key to stay sharp in older age is your fingers. If your fingers are busy, you will live to see your one hundred.

Get some energy, have tea or coffee, stretch your arms, eat a bit and that is the secret of staying healthy in the morning times. Work a lot, If you don't do that your body is not fit. 

So, celebrate your mornings with exercise and fun. If your mornings are good, your day will absolutely fit your schedule.


Getting together with friends makes your time stable with happiness. Make your hobby with friends and neighbors. Taking each day with people whom you love a lot make you feel blessed and that is the way of the happy life. Celebrate the things that are behind you.

Getting together with people, socializing yourself, making your time happily are some of the secrets of the longest life.


Don't live in a hurry life. RELAX yourself, you still have time to do great things. Nothing is too late. You always live longer when you are not in a hurry. Do many things with interest, learn something new this will make you to adapt the new environment. 

Make always busy with a thing which you thought to do, but don't get stressed.


Every day is precious and powerful. Live it to the fullest. A laugh everyday, because laughter is the best medicine. An Interview was taken to the ninety eight years old man for what is his secret for living longer? He replied that he considers himself as young and the old man has much more things to do. How good is to hear such kind of answers from them. And why not we?

The most important thing is always to have a smile on your face. There is nothing more than to celebrate each day. This is a trick, just play it.

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