Confliction of one's mind

We all are well aware of the different conflicts in our minds. They arrive like impatient thunderstorms,  one right after the other. The times when there's isn't any hope to hold onto, we may thrive by words that might explain our mental states. Although, we often fail to do so and start drowning ourselves into the darkest depths of nothingness. 

One thing that never gets old in such situations is writing down your rough thoughts somewhere away from the eyes of anyone, and reading it later at a better stage or when you start feeling yourself again. 


In a generation where social status depicts one's nature and affects their state of mind, we often find ourselves getting lost in the world which we created for others to see us like. We should be capable of creating a difference between what's imaginary and real, that not only helps us stay sane but provides a boundary to the inevitable confusions.

When we invariably replay a situation and can't stop thinking about it, or think how we messed up; the more we delve into it the more that situation seems to tighten the blank spaces in our mind and start congesting it.

It's normal to get stuck in the past and have a lot many things playing in your mind at the same time, our mind has a tendency to work funnily.

Instead of putting yourself in a self-inflicting pain, try performing the enlisted activities which will probably distract the course of your mind for the time being:

  • reconnect with an old friend
  • play and spend time with your pet
  • don't force yourself to be productive
  • go easy on yourself and do some pampering
  • cook yourself an elaborate meal
  • watch youtube, movies and listen to an upbeat music
  • take a long drive to nowhere 
  • take a walk in nature
  • go out with a friend and hangout

We are forced to put ourselves in a position where it's tough to concentrate on peace of mind, by comparing ourselves to the person who is superior to us. But we need to understand the concept of self-satisfaction and being content in what we already have.

We should stop comparing ourselves to others because we are unaware of the life that they have behind the scenes, or away from the eyes of the world. It's natural to get inferiority complexes but that shouldn't mess with one's mind.

The positive motivation or the rush and drag to push ourselves to a better position is healthy, but if it makes one sulk and questions their existence then it won't take long into turning toxic and harmful for the mental peace. 

You have had enough of the taunts and opinions that society has for you, you don't have to necessarily add yours to it too. If not others, make yourself so focused and proud in what you do that even your conflictions think twice to reoccur in your mind. 

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.”
― Bernard M. Baruch

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