Addiction is one of the complex diseases which affects the brain. A person who is exposed to a huge amount of stress gets addicted to consuming substances or looks for the methods that gives him or her the required relief. It is the compulsion of the individual to engage in the specific activity. It leads to harmful sequences  individual's health and affects his mental state. 

Addiction is said to be the chronic disease which affects the brain and people struggling from this are unable to control their actions and sensible decisions at last which becomes very dangerous to them.


Tobacco, alcohol, Street drugs(illegally sold drugs that are taken for non-medicinal uses), Prescription drugs(medicinal drugs that are misused


Gambling, Eating, The Internet, Video Games, Work and Sex.


Alcoholism is also known as alcohol dependence. It is a dabbling addictive disorder.In most of the individuals, it starts with the social drinking which eventually leads to the heavier alcohol consumption. Ethyl Alcohol or ethanol is an intoxicating ingredient found in beer, wine and liquor. It is produced by the fermentation of yeast, sugar and starch. It is a depressant that affects the CNS.


Drinking alone, not able to remember the time, hiding alcohol, need of large quantity of alcohol to feel the effect, nausea, swelling, shaking when not drinking.


It leads to mental Illness, depression and suicidal thoughts. One of the main reason of alcohol is, it starts inflame the liver and leads to liver cirrhosis. Only a healthy liver is able to regenerate its own cells, the affected liver is unable to regenerate and it becomes damaged. It is able to replace its new cells.


Nicotine is the one of the most frequently used addictive drugs and the leading disease which causes disability and death in India. 


Smoking causes destruction of small hairs present in the upper respiratory truck, which is the trachea. By destruction of this, chemical substances enter into the body, causing infection, cough and lung cancer. It also increases the risk of Crohn's diseases and formation of gall diseases.

Other effects includes, blood vessel damage in the legs, eyes and loss of eyesight. Smoking causes cancer in the oral cavity, pharynx and bladder.

These are some of the harmful effects which affect the human body due to addiction. 


It involves the management of alcoholism and drug abuse.The Government and Non-Government Organizations in our country which have rehabilitation centres to treat and counsel the drug addicts and alcoholics by means of medical and psychological approaches.

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