Random Acts of Kindness

Humanity has gone down a downward slope over the recent years because of the growth of consumerism and capitalist selfishness. Being considerate of the welfare of others is almost an anomaly, especially in urban environments where the concepts of privacy and individualism have eroded the natural human instinct to care for fellow human beings. 

In such a scenario, we must take it upon ourselves to be kind to others and to not let our lives turn into a crude competition of self-service. Every act, every gentle word and every tangible contribution to someone else's life with no desire for self-enrichment is a way to regain the lost selfless character of humanity. 

This random acts of kindness day, we should all pledge to go out of our way to aid our fellow human beings in any way we can. This can be done through helping our someone with their work, donating to the underprivileged, helping an old woman cross the street and so many other ways! Even the smallest contribution to someone else's life will not just enrich their life but have a softening impact on our own character. To do so is a favor towards humanity and to ourselves. 

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