Must Do activities for College Student

As a college student and a teen you are at the most important entropy peak of your life, because it's the turning point moment in your life where you can, build the best version of yourself and excel in life.

So for doing that there are lots of ways and methods to do that but the basic things which we can add up in our daily life routine and it will definitely proved to be an asset in your life.

1. Planning The Day.

At this young age we mostly focus on enjoying life and not taking thing's seriously and we end up wasting lots of time. So have a fixed sleeping routine, plan your Daily work schedule and stick to it. Because this will not only make you productive but also saves lots of time to enjoy, because enjoying is also necessary for healthy and happy life.

2. Daily Exercise or Workout 

It is mandatory for everybody to exercise daily, whether its Gyming or doing Yoga thats your choice. Because for working productively you need to be healthy. So, try to sleep early at night and wake up early in the morning, so that you can complete your exercise at morning it will be better, otherwise its your choice but perform your exercises daily.

3. Gain Knowledge, Out of your syllabus.

It means that don't only stick to the college course material, follow your passion and work on it by taking help of books, articles, journals, online courses, etc. Because it will not only make you happy but also provide you a special recognition in your group.

4. Real Life experiences 

Try to gain some real life experiences by others people experiences, they can be your family members or someone unknown to you. Watch various Podcasts, interviews etc. This will help you tremendously in your personal and Professional life both.

5. Be Socially active

Don't be the book worm always. Divide some time to your activities, be socially active and available to people around you by various social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This will help you being connected with others and also let you updated with whats happening in the world amd also let you aware of different opportunities .

6. Be Spiritual 

Now with this, I mean that you should believe in the different kinds of energies around you, whatever the from may be that's your choice and be thankful for what you have in life. Because it will help you in being happy from inside and makes you a humble person, who is free from problems like stress, anxiety in life.

That's it!, these are the must do things which will help us develp ourselves and a happy environment for society.

Thank You :)

 ॐ नमः शिवाय

Article Written by: Ratan Kumar Ojha

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