Time capsule

As  stated , In Ayodhya , lord Ram and his place of birth where time capsule will be  placed inside a  copper plate  before placing it before the site. As per chaupal , sanskrit is choosen as per long sentences can be changed into few words.
The first and foremost time capsule is placed by Indira Gandhi  , outside one of the gate of Red forts. It was named as kalpaatra  which contain post independence history on 15 August 1972. It will be opened 
 After 1000 times..
In 2010 , another time, first and foremost  female president of India  to date , prathibha patel  buried on March 6  it was buried near auditorium  of IIT kanpur .
In 2010 another capsule was buried  in Mahatma  Mandir ,Ghandhinagar to mark 50 years of foundation of temple .
In 2014 , Alexandra Girl's Education Institution buried one time capsule  which is scheduled to be open on sep 1 ,2062 on ocassion of bi- centennial anniversary of Institution.
A time capsule has been placed in Lovely professional University  in the presence of prime minister Modi on occassion of 106 th Indian science congress organised by LPU. It contains 100 different items  that represents cross examination of technology at the time in India for the next 100 years by three distinguised noble laureates-Hungry -Born israeli  biochemist Avram Hershko, British Born American physicist F .Duncan M.Haldane and German-American Biochemist  Thomas christian sudhof.

Actually a time capsule is made from metals such as aluminium, stainless steel  or copper and the message is written on acidic free paper so that paper donot rot even after hundreds of year . The time capsule container is 3 feet longer  and buried deep inside the ground .
The time capsule is a historic cache of information or goods to communicate  with future generations. It also helps  archaeologists , anthropologists  and historians to study about a site. With this capsule the future generation an get total idea of a particular era , society or community . They are generally placed in foundation of buildings.

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