Tick- borne SFTS Virus

Tick-borne SFTS virus  has re-emerged in China, killing around  7 people and has infected almost 60 people. This was reported on August 5 ,2020. As the virus  is infecting several people , it has also set warning of transmission of virus from human to Human.
Over 37 of people  in Jiangsu province (East Japan) reportedly contracted the SFTS  virus in the first half 2020. And  around 23 more people were found to be infected by the same in East china's Anhui Province.
The SFTS virus is tick - borne virus , but it is not a new born virus it is already  detected in 2009 and china isolated the Pathogen in 2011.This virus belong to Bunyavirus  category. Symptons - it causes severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome (SFTS), cough , vomitting ,diarrhea,low platelet count , multiple organ failure,elevated liver enzyme levels.
This virus infects the mammalian hosts  like cats ,yak ,mice ,hedgehogs etc. Blood sucking anthropods can spread or not , no gurantee. Human accidentally came across this virus. Although transmission is through tick bite but it can also spread from human whose  blood infected.
 This disease is emerging  , firstly found in central and Northeast china.Even in Japan and south korea it was found in 2015 ,mortality rate was found more than 30 % in both countries.

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