Satisfaction refers to the fulfilment of one's wishes, expectations, or needs.

Satisfaction refers to the sense of accomplishment or being gratified, a person attains through certain actions or realisations.

Satisfaction is nothing but a feeling or a sensation which keeps you at peace. Satisfaction is the super key which opens the door to every happiness.

Satisfaction is the sole way to attain happiness. A person having everything but not satisfied can never be happy where as a person who is satisfied with whatever he have will be the happiest. 

When a person is satisfied, he feels calm. Gratitude and thankfulness run through his veins giving him the joy of happiness and accomplishment. We say that satisfaction is the road to happiness because the word satisfaction is a combination of various other sentiments. When we talk of satisfaction; acceptance, faith, gratitude and peace are all included in it. 

When understood with a broader view, the traits which make a person happy is the presence of feelings like above mentioned. Thus, for a person who is satisfied will be the person who is happy. 

Being satisfied doesn't always means to be satisfied with 'something' like some deed or results but it is more about being satisfied at your inner body. To be okay and happy with the life have been given that atleast you are given a life. To be satisfied that you have smiles on your face. To be satisfied that people are grateful to have you. To be satisfied with gratitude towards you. To be satisfied with all the blessings ever showered on you.

To be satisfied with life is to be happy in life.