Take chance of Covid 19

Whenever there arise economy crash down , we came to witness a decline throughout History a Global emission. The air pollution has reduced   , skies became clear and water bodies also improved in some polluted cities , the sky have turned from dusty to blue. This opportunity came into hand when declared by PM Narendra Modi , the first lockdown . So , we came across some benefited positive change  throughout India along with the pandemic situation , which was not possible to achieve before. Although we are benefited from the situation , but if we focus then we are left in a poorer world ,financially crisis , few jobs and other added anxieties/ depression. Therefore Government and other employment sectors have to get down into the field after this situation  recovers , in order to recovering economy . India always had national and state action plans for climate change  but the problem is they never became successful. Thus , this corona provides a break from past . They drive government towards change.
Lets focus on changes-
PEOPLE IN DELHI can see clear skies and stars , the air pollution has gone down which is visible Nowadays.
JALANDHAR, PUNJAB's people said that Himalayas are visiblevwhich was sighted after 30 years and snow capped mountains in clear blue skies.
California ,Beijing are having clearer skies and canals in vehicle , rivers like Ganga and Yumuna in India also cleaned up.
 Another on exporting products ,  before world top economics - America , China , Japan ,Germany , and other European and western Countries were into exporting food , but at present they may run out of stock , so basic essentials such as food grains , can be provided and also depend on supplies . 
Lets also Make India Atmanirbhar , a compitable good supply chain.
Government set up a new set of rules to govern the country's environment clearance regime for industrial projects. The environment impact assessment EIA  notification 2020 dillutes rules by expanding the list of projects exempted from public consultation and does not prescribe a robust post environment clearance monitoring system. EIA 2020 changed few defination like capital dredging . The draft changes - 1. No public consultation for construction 2. Power to retrospectively regularise projects , exemption for project with strategic consideration concerning national defence , security , other .  The project imply critical to the policies framed by government .oversight of certain construction projects to exclude B2 category projects ( aerial ropeways , paint manufacturing bulk drug manufacturing projects . 
 Sustainable  recovery and development possible only when sound environment responses , plans and policies given importance . It is the only key concept and solution in creating a promising and prosperous future for societies. 

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