Suicidal Tendency

Suicide is the act of taking one’s own life. It is said to be the third leading cause of death for the people in India. Suicidal behavior refers to talking about things elated to ending one’s life and suicidal thoughts refer to taking actions related to it. They are different from the actual action of suicide and does not include in the final act of suicide. It is a tragic reaction to stressful life situations as taking life of ourselves is an irreversible action.

The youth of the world is at a greater risk of suicide because the present times are of competition and everyone feels the need to succeed by outshining others. The teenagers think that it necessary to fit in their social groups for which they take actions that were not actually necessary and end up either being blackmailed or blackmailing others. Also due to the education system, there is a lot of pressure on the students and many of them are not able to cope up with it and think of suicide as the only option of escaping. Sometimes people also face financial crunch or go through a broken relationship which causes them overwhelming stress with which they are not able to cope up and take drastic actions.

In the time of the lockdown, many of the families faced financial problems as businesses were shut and many people faced unemployment. Also people were not able to cope up with the sudden change in their lives as they were not able to go out and meet others. Many were left with the feeling of loneliness and helplessness and many had the fear of contacting the virus. All these reasons also amounted in the increase in the suicide rates. Also there are many instances of celebrities committing suicide as they were in depression, which also tells us that a large amount of name and fame does not always make a person happy.

Preventing suicides is easy and we can help ourselves as well as others if they are suffering from it. If we feel a person’s behavior is suicidal, we can always ask them if they are thinking about suicide, keeping the person safe by removing things which can be used as a means to commit to suicide, having regular follow ups even after the tendency of suicide is over and it can always resurface, and the most important way is to always listen to the person without any judgment or biasness as being there for a person is enough to make them feel comfortable.

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