Welcome to New Education System 2020

 Thus to meet the need of 21st century , School education System  is  to convert  it to a 5+3+3+4 system  with 3 years  as pre -schooling. In a federal system , any reform can be made only with some  support from state and centre  who have taken the task of building an ambitious Plans. This process will help in eliminating  process of pedagogy , Structural inequalities and rampat commercialisation.  There will be  school examinations in  Grades 3 , 5 and 8  conducted by appropriate authority . A new  national Assessment centre  prakash will set up as  a standard -setting body  and thus the old system of examination of Grade 10 and 12  is  gonna re -designed.

The union cabinet on Wednesday  approved the New  Education policy . One of the major decision , the cabinet has renamed  the ministry of Human Resource and  Development  as ministry of Education. This decision of changing name came due to  recommendations listed in draft  on New Education Policy .

We already know about our education system ,regarding the poor literacy and Numeracy outcomes ,Drop out levels in middle  and Higher education failed to meet the aspirations for multi disciplinary Programmes.

Lets   speak  about  new reforms - 
1.Board  exams will test your  actual knowledge  and  not from root .
2.Mother tongue will be available till 5th standard  as instructions 
3.Report card will be on  skills  rather than on mere marks  and statements .
4.Pedagogical structure  reformed   as there will be no streams available
5.All seperation between vocational, acedemic , Curricular , Extra - curricular Will also be removed.
It is a new  national curriculum framework  for ECE , adult Education , and teachers.
360 Degree Hostilic progress card of child. It is tracking children to progress their Learning Outcomes. NTA to introduce common  enterance examination for admission to  HEIs. National professional standards for teachers . Book promotion policy and Digital  libraries. Transparent online self disclosure  for public oversight and  accountability.Public investment to reach 6 %  in Education sector . Fee fixation with Board regulation system .NEP will generate little friction like provision of an energy -filled breakfast , in addition to the nutritious mid - day meal , to help children achieve better learning outcomes. Creation of inclusion funds to help socially  and educationally disadvantaged people for pursuing Education.

Reforms in Higher Education

1.UG Programme -3 to 4 years 
2. P G programme -1 to 2 years
3 . M phil to be discontinued
4.Integrated 5 years bachelor's / masters
 5. Multiple entry and exit 
6. Credit transfer
7. Flexibility of subjects 
8. Autonomous degree granting college.
9. All degrees will be of 4 years.

 Among all others , the deadline of achieving universal literacy and numeracy by 2025  should be a top priority goal  for progress. Bagless day to be encouraged throughout  the year for school students . The three languages will be learnt by students on their choice , state and region. Variable model for semester , annual and module papers. Exam will be twice a year, no more board  exam stress.

 The present Education system runned for 34 years from  1986 , its  after 34 years  new reform introduced in educational line. Our Government have the vision of creating  the country with youth 's of high quality education  and make global superior knowledge country.

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