Truth is beauty And Beauty Truth.

The poetic saying  emphasises the identity of beauty and truth. According to it , only truth represents beauty - a fact which all humans should take note of all their day to day thoughts , proclivities , human and socal dealings , and works of art and science. There are such things as acted truths and acted lies , and these have their impact on human life  as important as those which arise from the spoken or the written word. Truth and falsehood are qualities that belong to the work of our hands , as well as words of our lips and are often more eloquent to the eye than the words can be to ears. They are expressed by our whole personalities , by our characters , by our conduct , by our general conversion with our kith and kin or , friends in the world , and foes . Great truths are often communicated by works of art , literature , sculpture, painting , cartoons , films or other  effective media that permeates the  human mind.

Every portrait painted is either a truth or a lie , or a mixture  of the two. Its beauty depends on the degree of truth , and honesty depicted in it. It also represents the character of the painter . An artist who puts his heart and souls in his work , and applies tones of colour , themes and dedicated motifs , is able to produce a beautiful piece . If his objective is merely mercenary , simply to flatter the onlooker and paint for the sake of getting outward application , in terms of more , his work cannot be called a piece of lasting beauty.

Truth is a beautiful operation , a dynamic thing which does its beneficient work in a personal and social context. On the other hand , a lie is an offensive operation , performed by one man upon other. It resembles robbery and theft. Just as robbery cannot be committed without a victim , so lies cannot be told  without a victim  to be deceived or beguiled . A lie is an offence against logic. It is an offence against the persons to whom it is addressed.

Whatever else truth may be , there is no doubt as to its being valuable , not merely in the sense that it is good to look at , but also it does good to those who see it , know it , and act upon it . Truth is , in other words , a value not residing inertly in the personality that utters it ,  or the work of art that express it . It operates rhythmically , making a difference for the better , to every mind which accepts it . On the opposite end is the lite that makes the personality of the teller as well as of the listener , blurred.

Like Truth , Beauty is dynamic and vital ; no wonder they look to be identical.
It spreads in the whole personality of each individual , his heart , brain , the hormones , the eyes and the ears.  It is not only inspires and also sentimentalises.

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