Transgenders = HUMAN

India is a country where stereotypes exist in every other street. From ages and ages of society, there has been an ongoing tradition and culture of blindly persuing the stereotypes formed by the formers without even considering the causes and basis for the same. 
'Transgender', commonly pronounced shamelessly as 'chakka', 'hijda' and what not in the Indian society are a target for always being stereotyped.

Transgender refers to people who have a gender identity or gender expression that differs from their sex assigned at birth.

The only difference between a male/ female and a transgender is that the latter doesn't resemble the gender expression assigned to him at birth. THAT'S IT. Anybody having some medical or biological issue doesn't mean that they do not belong to the society nor they are to be treated as a taboo. All of it is fine. There is nothing to be disgusting about the term 'trans'. 
It is really heartbreaking to see the pathetic lifestyle and living condition these people have to be in. Not being able to openly move like a normal person, not being able to have somebody to talk to like others, neither somebody to be called as a friend because ofcourse our society is already so busy finding flaws and put 'them' at fault when their fault in all of this(being how they are) is absolutely NOTHING. Rather than understanding the normality and coincidence behind this happening, they compel such people to be isolated and to be resided somewhere away from their city so that their children or any younger generation do not get influenced by those trans. 

The existence of humanity is what matters, regardless of the gender label on it.

People need to understand that there exists a HUMAN BEING behind every anthropoid stereotype we have created. For it be anyone from the LGBT community, THEY ALL DESERVE RESPECT. There is a lot that a person can learn from them. The way they struggled to have their life, the way they dare to feel alive and foremost, the way they are proud to be themselves. 

In the world where we hide our identities inside out, with make up on outside and a mask on inside, these beautiful people are far better than who don't even own whoever they are. 
They accept and they proudly flaunt it, without letting the world break them. Transgender are needed to be treated as equal as any normal person is being treated. They deserve to have society with them who supports and cherish them.

They are a piece of art with million of worlds hidden in them. Where, there exist the beauty of a sparkling smile which just awaits to find a way out. Somebody who longs for us to welcome them to their real home, the world. They are us. There is nothing that can differentiate them from a human because they are human too. They should live the life like every other person do. They should be respected, they should be loved. They should be cherished for who the are and how strong, powerful and beautiful they are. They are a creation of God so profound that the mankind can't miss the chance to be with. 

They are the people of God just like us

Who ought to be loved

More and more every other day,

To be welcomed with our open arms

to bless the society of mankind

With unusual generosity, kindness and love they carry along.

Let us all come together to break this stereotype and see everybody with a vision of humanity. Let's welcome them in our world and accept them and spread smiles.

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