The Influence of Advertisement: Changing people's way of life

“Taste the Thunder!” A popular beverage slogan of ‘Thumbs Up’ promotes what they call “Fearlessness”.  Advertisement like this is often a persuasion for action, an action to get alongside with what the advertisement display. The advertising industry revolves around creating commercial messages urging the purchase of new or improved products or services in a variety of media i.e. print, online, digital, television, radio, and outdoor. 

Advertisement is impacting the society in many ways especially inducing a factor of not required materialism. The world is now moving fast, and the people don’t have enough time to think on their own, and is where these advertisements are more strongly playing its role in bringing the materialism to society. Now people cannot live without smartphones or cars etc., they are more attracted to new models or new styles. Advertisement display how these products bring life to them and happiness is only possible with the possession of a product fading out the image of real happiness and satisfaction which comes from inner self and not by involving in this material world and its contents.

What is also important is the way in which these advertisements are operating to the mindset of people to be attracted towards these advertisements. The answers to these questions lie in the fact that these advertisements are suggesting material possession will add to the social life of an individual and they will be more accepted in society. There are some of the most talented people, in the advertising industry, who are experts in reading the mind of common people, and thus what they do is simply providing the people what they want to see by understanding the intricacies of their life and thus manage to sell the things which are nothing but a part of a materialistic world. We now don’t go for things that are cheap and can satisfy our needs, rather we go for things better advertised. We now go for the brand over quality and other parameters. We should not be amazed that what we call as brands are those who claim them to be one is advertisements. Living in a society filled with these advertisements those people made, our thinking power has been totally debarred.

Although advertisements have always created a false image of the world in front of us, to reverse the condition we must make the utmost of the advertisements to make good impacts on the society since we have understands completely how they work on us. By advertising, we must be repeatedly reminded how the world is on brotherhood rather than excelling over brothers. By advertising, we must be constantly put in mind the importance of thinking of the environment rather than having fasting moving cars, expensive watches, and the latest fashion. By advertising, we must be continually alerted that satisfaction and happiness come from the inner heart not from the material world.

In a word, we are living in an age of advertisement perpetually disillusioning us and spreading perfect life before us every day, but what we can do is keeping in mind what really matters to us, and take advantage of the advertisements.

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