The Impact Of Music In Human Behaviour

Music has  been scientifically  proven to have a power effect to our brain and mental health. Certain researches have said that  music  help in many aspects to brain including  pain reduction,stress relief,  memory ,stroke,brain injury.

1. Pain Reduction-in 2014 research it was found helpful for patients with fibromyalgia. It showed listening to the relaxation  music helped people to  reduce pain and  increased functional release of pain relieving opioids.

2. Stress Relief- depending on music type , the music can  reduce stress by lowering  cortisol level, a hormone released in response of stress in human. In trial with  42 children ages 3 to 11, researchers found that the patients who got treated by listening relaxing music while getting an IV inserted reported significantly less pain and demonstrated less distress compared with those patients who donot listen music.

3. Memory -  linking music with memory recall was found in 20th century increased. Listening to certain music can take your mind back to decades.  Music evoke emotion and emotion can bring  back memory.

4. Seizure, brain injury or stroke -  epilepsy patients respond differently to music. In early stage ,if any stroke patient listen to music then he may recover from illness.

IN 1973, a music  based treatment called melodic  intonstion therapy developed to help stroke people and  who suffer aphasia to able to communicate again. Here singing is converted to speech.

 Moreover OUR MUSIC CHOICES CAN PREDICT OUR PERSONALITY- music detects our openess,extraversion,agreeableness,conscientiousness, and emotional stability. One can guess by choice of the song , their mood at present time. People take music for meditation also. Bhajaans which are played in temples are very much useful for providing relaxation and also heal soul. Even genres corresponds to our personality. Dance fans says they are creative and outgoing not gentle , bollywood fans says they are creative and outgoing, rock / heavy metal fans says that  have low self esteem, creative , not hard working, not outgoing , gentle and at ease, soul fans are  high self esteem, creative , outgoing, gentle and at ease. Pop fans are not creative and not ease.

 Again everything have side effects also , like music while driving may distract you. Driver most of the time drive aggressively and make more mistakes while driving. Nowadays its common  to see people driving  while listening music. So , if one choice perfect music  then they will not be distracted from driving and have safe driving. Music can  improve  our motor and reasoning skills. 

Classical musics although now no more valid to new generation , it improve visual attention. One can replace silence with music ,as silence is more worse.
 Research on effects of music during exercise has been done  for years. Listening to music can drown out our  brain's cries for fatigue. When our body get tired ,it give signals to body to take break. But music distract our brain and it ultimately help override those signals of fatigue. Although not workable in high intensity workout , as it takes away attention from workout. Cyclists who listens music  requires 7% less  oxygen than one cycling simply. 

Music has played beneficial role in every culture, caste, creed ,religious people. People respond to music in universal way. The interest in effects of  music  in brain have led to  new research on  neuromusicology which explores how brain reacts to music and result is music affects every part of body.

One will find the musician very healthy   , brain scan shows, their brains quite different from nonprofessional musicians. Music makes better,  brighter and sensitive brain. They have cognitive flexibilty,  superior working memory. Brain is more symmetrical.

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