Pubg ( playerunkown's battlegrounds) a online multiplayer battle game published by PUBG corporation, a subsidiary of  south korean video game company korean Bluehole. In the game upto 100 players parachute on a  island and scavenge for weapons and equipment to kill others and avoid getting killed themselves. The available safe area of game map decreases over time leading to face tight areas to face encounters. The last player or team standing win the round.

Being one of the  most played  games in Asia, the most popular app  bringing $ 5 million dollars a day.

  • PUBG addiction is a very real thing ,especially in Asia.we hear many people are losing their lives due to this and even many countries are choosing to ban this game.


  There are 120 million PUBG users in India. One of the top three download in india.Thing came up that a 10 standard student of Telengana comit suicide when parents told to study instead of playing PUBG.
Again 16 years old student after playing PUBG for constantly 6 hours in Madhya pradesh succumbed to a major cardiac arrest and lost life.

TIK TOK apps got ban as it may contain pronographic content. This made PUBG lovers to worry about nation-wise PUBG ban. Nepal and Iraq banned PUBG.

PUBG mobile is free of cost  and can be accessible to most without any relevant skill. Even it allows you to play with your friends and have video chat in real . Thus human connection made it more addictive. It is addictive to both children and adult. You an find in public transport or school or college anywhere the users are stuck in completing a level .

 It improves alertness and cooperation. The player have to coordinate and interpret of brain  with movement of fingertips  and hands for searching foe and save ownself. 
In order to suceed in the game and reach another level, the  player require better visual-spatial capacity and eye hand coordination. It increase your thinking ability to high level.

 .As per we know it is a shooting game ,so it is violent in nature. Excessive violence can led to aggressive thoughts, behaviour and emotions affecting mental health of player.
. It makes you addicted to you. You want to complete one by one level thus waiting for it. 
. It can make you less socially active.
. It may bring laziness. It will harm physical health as sitting and playing for long hours lead to headaches.
. Lack of interaction may led to stress and anxiety issues.
. Affects your sleeping schedule .
.Engaged too much on this led to lack of time for other work.
. It is found mostly school and college students during this lockdown timing getting more addicted, it may  harm their studies. 

  So, Government and parents should take strict measures regarding video games not only PUBG. I am not saying to stop play pubg but to  know its good and bad sides.

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