One Nation One Election - Boon or Bane?

India is a democratic country where citizens choose their own representative. This is a statement often used when talked of politics, elections and voting. 

Elections refer to the process of choosing up a representative on behalf of the political party which will govern the country. The policy of election has changed in the recent times. When practiced earlier, there was no concept of one nation one election ever before. In fact, it was once implemented but was later removed due to certain complications and crisis arose due to its outbreak
One nation one election refers to the polling for the entire nation on a single day. Unlike past, India has now adopted the one nation one election policy. This method of conducting election has resulted in a very positive way. Of course this method of election unites people to appear for polling on a single day and is indeed cost and time efficient and thus result in economic development. But what development is it which cannot hold the people? How cost efficient an election be if it needs to be reonducted? 
When it comes to One Nation One Election, it overlooks the consequences of the policy. What if the state government breaks down and the government collides? The people I have to wait a year long for the Nations elections to come. Not only this but under One Nation One Election though the cost may be reduced at first but if 'by elections' would be needed what then? The government will have to incurred double the cost. Moreover, due to One Nation One Election the needs of the people take more time to be accomplished. For instance, a state experiences the worst rule and no facilities are provided to people with other icings like inflation and degraded economy then the people have to go through all of it for a longer period of time and does will have to suffer more. 

If it was ever a real value why was One Nation One Election removed by past political leaders?
Not only this but the comparative analysis of both practices of election stated that the rate of growth economy and the human development along with the stability and satisfaction level of government was way more higher in One Nation Many Election method
The last question for you to think what it the better way for elections,
' What government is it which delays the governance of people?'

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