Richard Brinsley sheridan
, a famous Irish Playwright  and Poet  said "Never say more than is necessary".This saying is very common in  our Daily life. When we talk more than is necessary it leds to problems. It is true , the more one person speaks , the more that person creates question in other person's mind. And in the midst of speaking, the secret which is kept inside may slip out  of one's mouth unconditionally. As a human knowledge is required to preserve ,the more we speak we give away the knowledge we have in ourselves. Even our speaking manner and materials  reveals about our nature and   traits  , our personality. And this helps people to guess about our further steps and actions. Even  people often get fooled for this habit of their.

Advantage of speaking normal is it puts others in a defensive mode. Mahatma Gandhi  talked what was necessary, hence , the people around them and  English company  not able to suspect  his next steps which led them to fail to take steps to  prevent  his  future movements and therefore he won Independence. 

 One more thing ,  some people think they can impress people by  their words but there also remains  some gaps - when we are trying to impress people, the more we say we become common to people in appearance and less in control. Even if one say something  banal, it will seem  original if you  make it open minded and sphinx like. Powerful and succesful people impress  others by speaking less. The more you speak, the more likely you are to say something foolish.

 It is a very fundamental rule going on from many years. People like to speak about their life  and share all bullshit things , thus , they expose their personal life to the outer world.

 Thus we should practice ourselves to listen more and speak less as-
1.Speaking less will make people reveal more about them. Your short answer and defence will stand as  defence and they will jump in their comments which rather will reveal about themselves than others.
2.speaking less will help people to listen and interpret about you   carefully. They have to know what you are thinking. People cannot pierce your intentions and meaning, when you carefully control what you reveal.
3. Human tongue is uncontrollable, only few people can have control over it. Be particularly careful with sarcasm. We often get satisfaction by saying our rough words but it creares our image too.
4. The more you say , the more common you  become to people and they will no more value your words.
5. Speaking less will save you from speaking something dangerous and harmful . Take the foolish act of coriolanus , a military hero of Rome around 454 BC. People held him in awe. His speach appeared to be arrogance , cruelty.
6.people will never decieve as they don't know about your position. According to  louis xiv gave rise to  "i will see" a   very short phrase which said in polite, let everyone speak , you be a careful listener , to know the people's views about you and their own reality.

Saying /speaking less  is not for high authority people applicable but also for normal common people. In every sector of life , the less you open up yourself to people , you become profound and mysterious to them. The more less you speak , you appear intelligence and powerful to people. So, the less you speak up , the less risk you face in life in regarding  difficulties. 

 Moreover, with development of technology and emergence of new era , people are  more likely to be find  silent suppressing all their words and feelings, as we all  know  all are ready to spread salt to your wounds oray take advantages of your weakness.  So , better change habit , it will be beneficial to all people  not only in personal life but also in occupational sector.

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