‘Living in the moment, and seeing everything afresh without judgment and worry lets us experience life, rather than simply get through it.’ – Dr. Patrizia Collard

Our brains are always multi-tasking i.e. constantly thinking about our future actions or dwelling with the past actions along with working in the present. However because of this we are not able to sometimes live in the present, enjoy it and make the most out of it. The practice of being present in the moment is known as mindfulness. It is one of the most difficult things to achieve as it is quite common for us to constantly slip from the present moment into thinking about the future.

Mindfulness can increase our ability to be in sync with our thoughts, emotions, and body sensations which allows us to manage them and communicate about our feelings to others as well as understand theirs. The people who live in the moment are happier, calmer, relaxed, and appreciative. Its okay for us to slip back to into not being present in the moment, but to overcome that we just need to accept that we are not present and we can instantly feel more relaxed and it also makes it easier for us to slip back into the moment.


Mindfulness meditation is a time where we can let go of all the judgments and focus on the natural curiosity about the working of our mind, and approaching our experience with warmth and kindness to others as well as ourselves. When we are present in the moment, it reduces stress, enhances our performance, gain insight and awareness through observing our mind and increase our attention to our surroundings as well as to other’s well-being. Mindfulness also helps us to emotionally connect with others as well as changes our mindset and perspective towards things.


The following simple tips can help us to tune into mindfulness –
  1. Spare some time from your schedule to meditate. There is no need for any special equipment; just some time and space.
  2. Observe the present moment as it is and give attention to it without any judgment.
  3. Whenever we notice that judgments are rising during the meditation, just note them in your mind and let them go.
  4. Whenever our mind gets carried away to other things other than the present, the practice of mindfulness comes into help as it brings our mind back to the present again and again.
  5. We should never be harsh on ourselves for the wandering of our minds or for others thoughts coming into our mind, as it is a natural phenomenon. Instead of judging ourselves, we should recognize the action of slipping away of our mind and try and calmly bring it back.

  1. It helps to improve the social skills as it allows us to let go of the worry of being judged by others and just allows us to communicate with others more freely.
  2. Whenever we are present in the moment, we definitely find it easier to work on our creativity as it allows our brain to process things calmly and ideas just flow through our brain.
  3. Another advantage is that we become more appreciative of our surroundings as we analyze and label the people or the things around us quite less. The beauty that our world is, seems to be more enhanced as we take the moment of our life to appreciate it more.
  4. When we live in the present, we let go of the worry of the future and the past which stops us from functioning in the present moment and enjoy it. It also reduces the extra worry and stress that we create because of constant thinking of the future.

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