Make your body your slave

Here , the thing comes into mind from  the phrase 'make your body your slave ' is obesity. Its a very complex disease which stores excessive fats in your body. So it gives a bad outlook and not only that  it also increases your risk  of other diseases like  heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure. Excess weight may  led to  short and long -term health problems for you and  your child. It turns a young person also into older outlook.

Body mass index is one which tells whether you are having normal weight or overweight or obesity. It    declares by measuring your weight  in relation to  your weight.
Lets see the chart -
Normal range -18.5 to  24.9(Bmi)
Overweight-25 to 29.9(Bmi)
Obesity-30 or higher (Bmi)

Along with BMI ,  there also exists  waist size   ,if there is increase in waist size ,there will be increase in health risks  more than any other part . Women should have less than 35 waist and men should have  less than 40  waist.

Health issues- 

1.  You will be shocked to know almost  87% of patients with obesity or overweight are having diabetes. Makes Insulin  hormone resistant , Insulin carries sugar from blood to cells which is used for  energy. This may give rise to high blood pressure 
2. Obesity may led to  more likely to high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels  which are led to heart diseases and  stroke.
3.obesity increase your chance for cancer in cervix, ovary , uterus,breast , colon , rectum ,etc.
4. Digestive problem- obesity increases likelihood that you'll develop gallbladder,liver diseases.
5. sleep apnea,  it means breathing starts and stops.
6. Women may suffer from infertility, pcos, irregular periods.
7. Osteoarthritis  due to gain of weight.

Mentally disable - aside from health issues and dangers , it also effect physically , that is shame and guilt, fatigue, sex problems, depression.

Prevention from this curse
 Well its really tough, one have to wait year after year to  try to bring oneself  a perfect shape and diseases risk free. the way to lose weight is similar to gaining wait. One should go for morning walk. 150 to 300 minutes exercise training to get result and sweat shall fall. Can go for skipping , brisk climbing ,swimming.
.can  focus on low calories and low fat transfer foods like oats, fruits , vegetables. choosing food is very important to  keep one's body healthy.
 Exercise and dieting are best to work in this ground . so focus on this.

 Until it gives pain its not working. Choose wisely to look young or older  and have more disease risk or have a healthy life. Our lifestyle responsible for everything.

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