Let your marks not weigh more than YOU.

As results of class 12th and 10th have been recently announced by CBSE for the year 2020, there has been a trail of pressure, judgement, stress and comparison flowing through the people of society. Examinations are conducted to test the theoretical knowledge, a person has gained throughout his schooling. It is true that people consider marks and percentages as a resemblance of a person's skills and IQ but you need to know that all of it is just a myth not a fact. 

It is the people who has made this phase of  schooling so difficult for students that their mind is overpowered by thoughts of inferiority, shame and failure. Marks have never been given the authority to judge who a person is and what thoughts he behold.

The only criteria on the basis of which a student should ever judge himself is on the basis of his efforts. The only person who knows where he really stands and can judge himself and even conclude on being him a failure or a success is the student itself. Indian society has made 'the result' of a student, a criteria to forecast his future, a portfolio of his abilities and the prediction of his life. The students need to understand and seek what their peace really demands. 
Ofcourse, the only concern which ever runs in the minds of the students regarding the result is about their parents, which is obvious but they really do need to understand that along with them, your own wellbeing should also concern you the same.

Who will ever value your marks more than your mental health? 

Nobody right? Not even your parents. But still we keep on finding our faults and blaming ourselves rather than focusing and working on what's still in your hands. I get it that it may take time for your parents to understand but they will. No parent ever want to see their child stressed and that too atleast not because of something their kid spent months working on.

You worked hard, you laid your efforts. You know this. Your family does. Who else matters? If you know the real you, your family knows about the dedication and efforts you put then why to prove this to somebody else? That somebody who didn't even try to see the dedication in you but to criticize you for your performance? Who gave the right to the society to demoralise you even though you know that they know nothing about how it all happened. 

Don't ever let the negative thoughts of PEOPLE overpower YOUR mind.

Remember that no marks will ever, EVER value more than you, your peace, your well-being and your mental health. It's okay if you lack somewhere. It's okay even if you top. It's okay if you are somewhere in the middle and it's okay even if you have to do it again. Examinations, marks, results come and go every year. What stays with you is how you dealt with it and what you learnd from it. Did you work harder to smash the critics with the real you or you let them eat your mind? Did you pull yourself up and tell yourself that it is okay to fall because you know you will win or see it as the end to the journey?

It is just a result kiddo. It is just a result. In a few days, it will be faded and everyone will forget, even the topper will be forgotten. But you need to remember that there will be endless opportunities waiting for you and it will be you to decide how much to get out of it. The topper, the average and the fighters, all of them will be on the same platform as soon as they persue further education. Your fate will be in your hands.

No A+ guarantee the success in life nor a D concludes failure. It is our vision to see things. For some, their failure is the end, for some, it is the beginning. The beginning to something new, to something better. 

You create your result, don't let it create you. 

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